Samsung Washer Repair in Indianapolis, IN

We sometimes don’t understand just how much we depend on our laundry appliances. When everything is operating as it should, our washer just sits quietly in the laundry room, going about its business of making our clothes and linens clean, fresh and inviting. When something goes wrong unexpectedly, we’re faced with the inconvenience of not having clean clothes to put on, clean sheets to sleep on – or kids and spouses are complaining of nothing to wear!

Follow us as we walk you through a real-life Samsung washer repair in Indianapolis, IN. We’ll give you a detailed description of the entire process, from the customer’s problem description to the technician’s diagnosis and the successful repair.

Issue: Samsung Washing Machine Stops Spinning

When the customer called us, she reported that her washer wasn’t spinning. It would make loud banging noises before stopping in the middle of a cycle. The customer said that the clothes were still very wet, too wet to be taken out and put into the dryer. Sometimes if the machine was restarted several times, she was able to get enough water out to dry the clothes, but it was getting worse and worse.

Cause: Unbalanced Spin Cycle

When our technician, Charlie, arrived at the customer’s home, he first confirmed the reported issue. Since this washer has a glass lid, it was easy to see that once the washer tried to spin up during the beginning of the spin cycle, it would start wobbling badly, to the point where the tub sometimes banged against the outer metal cabinet. At that point, the washer would stop.

Next, Charlie undid the top of the cabinet to completely reveal the tub. Pushing down smartly on the tub and releasing resulted in the tub bouncing several times before coming to a stop. This tub is suspended by 4 rods with spring dampers at all 4 corners. As these spring dampers wear, they allow the tub to bounce rather than damping the movement the way they are designed to. This is very similar to the way the shock absorbers in your car work.

Solution: Replaced Spring Dampers

Once Charlie had identified the cause of the no-spin problem, he was able to present the proper solution to the customer for approval. The customer approved the repair, and Charlie set about replacing the worn out spring dampers with 4 new ones.

Samsung washer repair in Indianapolis, IN

The lid was then reattached and the washer tested, with Charlie showing the customer that it would now spin properly without the sometimes violent wobbling and banging from before and would complete the cycle properly. Charlie further advised the customer about making sure not to overload the washer and to make sure that the clothes were evenly distributed in the tub before starting, to provide the longest life for the new spring dampers and the washer.

Another Happy Customer

From the first call when the customer reported the problem, to the quick scheduling by the office staff and Charlie’s friendly and competent completion of the repair, the customer was quite happy with her entire experience with the team at Appliance Science. She was once again able to go back to the task of keeping her family’s clothes and linens fresh and clean, without worrying about whether the Samsung washer was going to cooperate the way it was expected!

Completed Samsung washer repair in Indianapolis, IN

Our goal is that anyone who calls can be confident from start to finish that Appliance Science will efficiently and expertly solve any appliance issue that they have!



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